Development and creation


Discussion of the form, form and purpose of the future site based on:

– the layout provided by the customer, the image;

– the links provided by the customer (Url) to sites that you like by design, functionality, etc .;

– the estimated site budget;

– select a domain name and mailbox names.

Skype: E-mail: All contacts.


Hosting and domain.

Register and configure hosting. Hosting is paid by the customer separately (the cost depends on the chosen tariff, period, etc.).

Registration and setup of the domain (the minimum period is 1 year). The domain is paid by the customer separately (the cost depends on the chosen domain and the registration period).


– registration of electronic mailboxes for the site on Google, Yandex, etc.;

– create and configure mailboxes of the form name @ your_domain;

– setting up rules for displaying and sorting correspondence.


Set the image of the title and icon of the site.

Select a site background.

Creating and developing:

– logo design;

– illustrations;

– design of printing;

– packaging design;

– corporate style.


Installation and Configuration:

– content management system (CMS);

– required modules, plugins and widgets;

– language versions of the site (synchronous display of information). Additional payment 50% of the cost of the site for each language. Translation from Russian and Ukrainian languages ​​is provided by the customer;

– systems for differentiating access to site administration (editing levels of access rights and opportunities for working with information);

– Google Analytics, Yandex Metrics, etc. Setting up informers for the state of the site with notification via sms, e-mail).

Bringing the pages of the site to the agreed view (customizing the design).

Create a site navigation scheme, depending on the functionality and complexity of the information presented. Select a menu form and layout on pages.

Order a website based on the selected template + post information on the portal:

Place information (user registration) on the portal (except for the category “Maps”, “Video”, “News” and “Events”) – for free.

User registration allows you to: post information in a separate profile, create your own club on the topic of interest, publish news, mark visited places, place links to video in videohosting, create and publish an article.

Accommodation by the Customer of information in the Maps category on the portal + the possibility of posting information in the sections “Video”, “News” and “Events” – $25. When ordering Site, these amounts are deducted from the cost of developing / creating the site.


Website design development.

– an agreed number of design variants is developed and provided to the Customer within the framework of the specified style and functionality of the site;

– the customer reviews, makes corrections and approves the basic design;

– The customer pays 20% of the predefined cost of the site development and the design is finalized (the revision is made in the volume of no more than 5 edits);

– further edits are paid based on 1 revision = $15;

– development of site functionality;

– hosting and domain are registered for the customer;

– a test area is created and all the technical part described above is done;

– The customer considers the site (as a user) in a bunch of design and functionality, makes edits and approves the basic version of the site;

– The customer pays an additional 30% of the pre-agreed development cost of the site;

– a management instruction is prepared and submitted to the Customer (on prior request and in the areas of interest to the Customer with the site);

– a manager account is created and transferred to the Customer for the Customer;

– The customer tests the operation of the site, the administrative panel, accepts work and pays the balance (50%);

– Administrator login and password are sent to the customer;

– the content of the site is made by the Customer according to the attached instruction or the Studio (by additional arrangement – an approximate additional cost from the calculation of $5 / page (goods item in the catalog, news, article, review, album of the photo gallery, Etc. are also considered pages.) The same page in other languages ​​is paid by agreement;

– free technical support within 6 months after project delivery (except for the solution of situations with third-party services (hosting, domains, mail, scripts, etc.);

– additional work (change of functional / design, templates, layout, etc.), not specified in the original task, is performed for a fee depending on the complexity.

Terms of work execution.

Estimated deadlines:

– on the design sketches of the site – from 5 workdays;

– for website development – from 7 workdays;

– instruction – 3 workdays.

The site can be made:

– quickly;

– quality;

– inexpensive.

Choose any 2 items.

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